High Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography Scanner

Nikon XTH 225 ST
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The micro x-ray computed tomography scanner (MicroCT or µCT) produces high resolution (micrometer scale), 3D and 2D images of a sample’s interior and exterior by projecting a x-ray beam through a sample and observing the sample's interaction with the beam via a radiographic/x-ray image. X-ray images can then be used to reconstruct the exterior and interior of the sample via computed tomography (CT).  Nikon’s XT H 225 ST is capable of doing both x-ray imaging (2D) in real time as well as “scanning” samples in a full circle to collect sequential x-ray images needed for CT (3D). The XT H 225 ST handles applications broader than can be listed here, but all applications usually involve non-destructive, internal character investigations for qualitative and/or quantitative analysis. Surface studies are also conducted using the MicroCT due to its highly accurate and high resolution topography capabilities.

  • X-ray Imaging of In-Organic or Deceased Samples
  • Non-Destructive Internal & External Imaging at High Resolution (~1-3µm per pixel max)
  • Digital Archiving of Surfaces and Internal Features
  • Engineering (Quality Assurance, CAD vs. Actual Comparison (GD&T), Non-Destructive Inspection, 3D Digitization, Fault Detection and Failure Analysis)
  • Earth Science (Tomographic Imaging, Non-Destructive Metrology: Condrites, Melting, Mineralization)
  • Life Science (Morphology, Morphometrics, Digital Anatomical Articulation, Endocasting, Digital Archiving, Soft-Tissue Visualization*)
  • Paleontology (Non-Destructive Feature Analysis, Digital Fossil Preparation, Characterization)

*Special, destructive sample preparation usually needed


X-Ray Source

  • 225kV UltraFocus Reflection Based Signal and Tungsten Target (Spot Size 3µm)
  • Max Power = 200W


  • 180kV NanoTech Transmission Based Signal Tungsten Target (Spot Size 1µm)
  • Max Power = 225W


  • Perkin Elmer 1620 AN3 CS CT
  • Variable Distance (Motorized FID)
  • Live Imaging
  • Pixel Pitch 200µm
  • Geometric Mag > 150x

Stage and Samples

  • 50kg (110lb) Sample Weight Limit
  • 5 Axes Travel (X,Y,Z, Rotation, Tilt)
  • Max Travel
    • X = 460mm
    • Y = 470mm
    • Z = 600mm
    • T = +/- 300
    • R = n*3600



  • On-site
  • Utilizes Nikon’s Feldkamp Cone Based CT Algorithm
  • 12GB ~ 12mins reconstruction time