High Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography Scanner

High Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography Scanner
Nikon XTH 225 ST
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The micro x-ray computed tomography scanner (MicroCT or µCT) produces high resolution (micrometer scale), 3D and 2D images of a sample’s interior and exterior by projecting a x-ray beam through a sample and observing the sample's interaction with the beam via a radiographic/x-ray image. X-ray images can then be used to reconstruct the exterior and interior of the sample via computed tomography (CT).  Nikon’s XT H 225 ST is capable of doing both x-ray imaging (2D) in real time as well as “scanning” samples in a full circle to collect sequential x-ray images needed for CT (3D). The XT H 225 ST handles applications broader than can be listed here, but all applications usually involve non-destructive, internal character investigations for qualitative and/or quantitative analysis. Surface studies are also conducted using the MicroCT due to its highly accurate and high resolution topography capabilities.

  • X-ray Imaging of In-Organic or Deceased Samples
  • Non-Destructive Internal & External Imaging at High Resolution (~1-3µm per pixel max)
  • Digital Archiving of Surfaces and Internal Features
  • Engineering (Quality Assurance, CAD vs. Actual Comparison (GD&T), Non-Destructive Inspection, 3D Digitization, Fault Detection and Failure Analysis)
  • Earth Science (Tomographic Imaging, Non-Destructive Metrology: Condrites, Melting, Mineralization)
  • Life Science (Morphology, Morphometrics, Digital Anatomical Articulation, Endocasting, Digital Archiving, Soft-Tissue Visualization*)
  • Paleontology (Non-Destructive Feature Analysis, Digital Fossil Preparation, Characterization)

*Special, destructive sample preparation usually needed


RECO1 & RECO2 Reconstruction PCs for MicroCT:

X-ray CT Reconstruction of Nikon CT Data, Analysis of CT Data, Image Processing, 3D Visualization and Animation, CT Segmentation, CAD vs. Actual Comparison, Volume Rendering, Morphometric Data Collection, Quality Assurance, Graphics Work


X-Ray Source

  • 225kV UltraFocus Reflection Based Signal and Tungsten Target (Spot Size 3µm)
  • Max Power = 200W


  • 180kV NanoTech Transmission Based Signal Tungsten Target (Spot Size 1µm)
  • Max Power = 225W


  • Perkin Elmer 1620 AN3 CS CT
  • Variable Distance (Motorized FID)
  • Live Imaging
  • Pixel Pitch 200µm
  • Geometric Mag > 150x

Stage and Samples

  • 50kg (110lb) Sample Weight Limit
  • 5 Axes Travel (X,Y,Z, Rotation, Tilt)
  • Max Travel
    • X = 460mm
    • Y = 470mm
    • Z = 600mm
    • T = +/- 300
    • R = n*3600



  • On-site
  • Utilizes Nikon’s Feldkamp Cone Based CT Algorithm
  • 12GB ~ 12mins reconstruction time