FTIR Spectrometer with Microscope

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ThermoFisher Nicolet iS50 with RaptIR+
Optical Spectroscopy
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Please note that this instrument is coming soon and is not yet available for training.

Emily Snell

The Nicolet iS50 FT-IR Spectrometer is the ideal partner in any laboratory dealing with materials analysis of gases, solids, liquids, blends and more. A built-in diamond ATR provides a single point, far-IR to mid-IR sampling station permanently installed and always ready. The OMNIC software platform creates a seamless, synergetic relationship between the optics, sampling stations and answers to tough analytical problems. 

The RaptIR+ Microscope enables users to find their target quickly, collect high resolution visual images, and then generate high spatial resolution IR data quickly and efficiently. The microscope lets you use thick (4cm) and heavy (to 5kg) samples, while also providing rapid scanning (10 spectra/sec) for most samples. 

  • Infrared spectrum measurements over a large wavenumber range (7800-350cm-1)
  • Time-effective, non-destructive chemical analysis without toxic substances or harmful radiation
  • Identification of molecular structure, chemical species, or functional groups in solid, liquid, or gaseous forms
  • Quantitative/qualitative determination of chemical species
  • Generation of high-resolution chemical maps of the object under investigation
iS50 FTIR Spectrometer:
  • Polaris Long-liftetime MId-IR Source
  • He-Ne laser
  • Advanced Ge-on-KBr beamsplitter
  • Top-mounted DLaTGS detector
  • Built-in, wide range diamond ATR with 60 pounds force Pressure Tower
  • OMNIC 9 standard software package and spectra material characterization software
RaptIR+ Microscope:
  • Motorized micro positioning stage with joystick
  • Build-in 350 micron Ge-tip ATR, ATR pressure sensor with automated ATR contact indication
iS50 FTIR Spectrometer:
  • Spectral Range: 7800-350 cm-1
  • Resolution: 0.09 cm-1
  • Signal-to-Noise:
    • 1-Minute Scan, Peak-to-Peak 4cm-1: 65,000:1 typical, 55,000:1 guaranteed
    • 5-Second Scan, Peak-to-Peak 4cm-1: >13,000:1
  • Wavenumber Precision: Better than 0.0008 cm-1
  • Wavenumber Accuracy: Better than 0.005 cm-1
RaptIR+ Microscope:
  • Spectral Range: 650 cm-1 to 7800 cm-1
  • Visible Resolution: 1 micron
  • Infrared Resolution: 5 microns
  • Mapping Speed: up to 10 spectra/second
  • Objectives: 4x or 40x visible, 15x or grazing angle infrared
  • Polarizers: motorized, visible, and IR