Film Thickness Measurement

Film Thickness Measurement
Nanometrics 210
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The Nanometrics 210 is a computerized film thickness measurement system that employs the principle of optical interferometry.   It includes a spectrophotometer head which can measure in the wavelength range of 370 to 800 nm using a computer-controlled grating monochromator, photomultiplier tube detector, and amplifier.  The amplifier output is converted to a digital signal by the computer, which then calculates film thickness with one of several algorithms based on interference patterns.

Users can choose from a standard set of programs to measure oxide, nitride, photoresist, and polysilicon thicknesses or to measure reflectance of films at various wavelengths.  Users may also create their own unique measurement programs. 


The Nanometrics 210 offers standard thickness measurement programs to measure the following film combinations:

  • Oxide on Silicon
  • Nitride on Silicon
  • Photoresist on Silicon
  • Polyimide on Silicon
  • Polysilicon on Oxide
  • Nitride on Oxide
  • Photoresist on Oxide
  • Reflectance measurements
  • User defined programs
  • Statistics program for measurement analysis
  • 10x, 40x, and 100x objective lenses for small spot size
  • Versatile stage for handling substrates from small pieces to 6" diameter
  • Measurement thickness range of 100A to 50um
  • Spot size of 25um down to 2.5um (depending on objective lens)
  • Reproducibility of 2% to 5% (depending on film type)
  • Typical measurement time of 5 seconds