Mask Aligner

Mask Aligner
Suss MicroTec MJB3
Primary Training Contact
The MJB3 Mask Aligner is designed for high-resolution photolithography in a laboratory environment. It offers flexibility in the handling of irregularly shaped substrates of differing thicknesses, as well as standard size wafers up to 3” diameter. All operating controls are laid out in a simple, ergonomic design, making the operation of the aligner easy to learn and providing the versatility needed in specialized processes. 

The MJB3 is equipped with a 350W lamp house containing a  350W mercury short-arc lamp. Primary exposure wavelengths are 350-450nm.  The aligner can perform exposures in hard contact mode, soft contact mode, and vacuum contact mode. Line/space resolution of <1.0 microns and alignment accuracies of 0.25 microns can be obtained with the MJB3  under optimum conditions.
The MJB3 is also equipped with a constant intensity controller (CIS) which regulates the lamp power to deliver constant intensity exposures.
  • Photolithographic patterning
  • Versatile substrate sizes and thicknesses (from pieces to wafers up to 3" diameter)
  • Three contact modes:
    • Vacuum contact: a vacuum is drawn between the mask and wafer (highest resolution mode)
    • Hard contact: during exposure the vacuum holding the substrate to the chuck is switched off and N2 is used to press the mask against the substrate
    • Soft contact: The vacuum holding the substrate remains on and the substrate is held to the mask just by the mechanical pressure of the chuck
  • Alignment stage offers Z-axis movement and X,Y, and Theta alignment micrometers
  • Constant intensity controller
  • Substrate size: up to 3" diameter
  • Mask size: up to 4" x 4"
  • Exposure wavelength range: 350-450nm
  • Min feature: <1.0um (optimal conditions in vacuum contact)
  • Alignment accuracy: <0.25um (optimal conditions)