RF Dielectric Sputter System

RF Dielectric Sputter System
Kurt Lesker PVD 75
Primary Training Contact
Operating Procedures

The PVD 75 RF sputter system features a modular design for deposition of a variety of dielectric materials.  The system has manual controls allowing for a wide range of processing options.  An optical monitor provides the option for deposition monitoring of optical films at multiple wavelengths in the VIS or IR spectrums. Up to 3 separate films can be deposited sequentially.

  • RF sputtering of up to 3 different materials
  • Materials currently available:
    • ITO(in location 1)
    • SiO2 (in location 2)
    • Si3N4(in location 3)
    • Contact SMIF to request other materials
  • Optical thickness monitoring at multiple wavelengths in the VIS or IR spectrums
  • RF bias of substrate
  • Substrate heating
  • Subtrate rotation to improve uniformity
  • Argon and oxygen gases
  • Touch screen interface
  • PID loop pressure control
  • D-shape 304 stainless steel chamber
  • Ability to process up to 150mm samples
  • 600W RF source with auto-tuning matching network
  • 100W RF sample bias source
  • Substrate temperature control up to 350C
  • Three 3-inch sputter targets