High Temperature Bake Oven

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Carbolite Gero LHT 6/30
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The LHT 6/30 high temperature oven is able to achieve and maintain continuous operation up to the maximum temperature of 600C. This can be useful for baking or curing materials. The oven contains two stainless steel shelves with multi-position settings for convenient loading and unloading.  Low thermal mass insulation materials are used throughout in order to achieve rapid heating and to allow efficient energy utilization. The heavy-duty fan ensures optimum temperature uniformity throughout the work chamber. Double skin construction provides a cool safe outer case.

  • Baking materials at a temperature of up to 600C
  • Polymer curing in a nitrogen purged environment
  • Internal chamber dimensions: 300mm wide x 305mm deep x 300mm tall
  • Maximum temperature: 600C
  • Temperature uniformity at 600C: +/- 5C
  • Heat up time to 600C: 70min
  • Recovery Time: 10min
  • Usable volume: 30 liters
  • Maximum power: 2kW
  • 2 multi-position stainless steel shelves
  • Nitrogen purge gas ability
  • Advanced 301 controller with 5 different timer types, hold, and ramp funtions
  • Over-temperature protection