Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRam ARAMIS
Optical Spectroscopy
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The Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRam ARAMIS is a fully automated Raman microscope.  Raman spectroscopy provides highly specific and non-destructive information on molecular vibrations.  There is no  need for sample preparation - the sample is simply placed under the microscope optics and measured.  This system is also equipped with a Photoluminescence detection package.


Raman and PL Spectroscopy for:

  • Pharmaceuticals (compound distribution, phases, combinatorial chemistry, etc.)
  • Semiconductors (stress, contamination, superlattice structure, doping effects, etc.)
  • Polymers (polymorph identification, blend morphology, monomer and isomer analysis, etc.)
  • Life Science (DNA analysis, nucleic acids, cholesterol, lipids, etc.)
  • Physics (ceramics, nanophases, etc.)
  • Chemistry (phase transitions, catalysts, oxides, surfactants, etc.)
  • Carbon Compunds (nanotubes, fullerenes, diamond, etc.)
  • Environmental (pollutants, metal complexes, etc.)
  • Full system automation (laser, grating, and filter selection)
  • Fast multi-wavelength operation
  • Microscope and Macro chamber options
  • 4 Lasers and wavelengths available:
    • Diode Laser: 785nm
    • HeNe Laser: 633nm
    • HeCd Laser: 442nm
    • HeCd Laser: 325nm
  • Microscope with 10x, 50x, and 100x objectives, and 40X UV objective
  • Four gratings: 300gr/mm, 1200gr/mm, 1800gr/mm, and 2400gr/mm
  • Multichanneled air cooled (-70C) CCD detector
  • Spectral Range: 200nm - NIR
  • Spectral Resolution: 0.6cm-1 at 680nm with 1800gr/min
  • Spatial Resolution: Better than 1 micron lateral and 2 microns axial at 633nm excitation
  • Repeatability: +/- 1 pixel
  • Laser Line Cut-Off: Approx 100cm-1 from the laser line with visible excitation wavelengths