Small Angle X-Ray Scattering - Point Source

Small Angle X-Ray Scattering - Point Source
SAXSLab Ganesha
Soft Materials Lab - B606
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The SAXSLab Ganesha system is a point collimated pinhole system with a 2D configurable detector that allows for X-Ray scattering studies of isotropic and non-isotropic liquid and solid samples in SAXS, MAXS, WAXS, and GI-SAXS modes.

Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS) is an analytical method for nano-structure analysis.  When X-Rays penetrate the sample in the SAXS system, they are scattered by the nano-structures within the sample at small angles, since these structures are large compared to the X-Ray's wavelength.  The resulting scattering patterns are characteristic of the nano-structure's size, shape, and internal structure. Wide Angle and Mid Angle X-ray Scattering (WAXS & MAXS) are also methods employable on the Ganesha for measuring q-ranges larger than detectable using a SAXS configuration. Grazing Incidence SAXS & WAXS (GI-SAXS & GI-WAXS) utilizes the reflection and refraction patters of produced when an incident x-ray beam interacts with the outer most layer (~10Å) of a sample surface to give insight into the sample's surface typography and repeating structures.

  • Structure Analysis and Measurement on the Nanometer scale of Particles
  • Auto-Configuration of WAXS, MAXS, SAXS & Extreme SAXS
  • Single Photon Counting Detector Capable of Measuring Absolute Intensity
  • Computer Controlled Scatterless Slits for Precision control of Incident Beam & Spot Size
  • Cool Stage for Controlling Temperature of Samples
  • 3 slit configuration with controllable size
  • Multiple Beam Stops and Configurations (2mm and 4mm)
  • SAXSGUI Built-In for Real-Time Measurement Analysis
  • Cu 50kV Xenocs Genix ULD SL X-ray Source
  • 170um pixel-spaced, single photon counting Dectris Pilatus 300k 20Hz Detector
  • 0.007-0.07Å-1 qmin range
  • 0.18-2.8Å-1 qmax range
  • 100-1490mm Sample to Detector Range
  •  Count Rates:
    • WAXS=25Mph/s
    • MAXS=6.5Mph/s
    • SAXS=1.3Mph/s
    • ESAX=0.28Mph/s
  • 2-slit Confg. Count Rates
    • WAXS=55Mph/s
    • MAXS=31Mph/s
    • SAXS=4.5Mph/s
    • ESAXS=2.2Mph/s