Cryo Transmission Electron Microscope

Cryo Transmission Electron Microscope
ThermoFisher Tundra Cryo TEM
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The Thermo Fisher Tundra Cryo-TEM offers a stable 100kV cryogenic platform designed for single particle analysis. The Tundra Cryo-TEM exchanges samples in and out of the microscope in minutes, with immediate results that allowing you to optimize your sample conditions quickly without extensive training. Duke SMIF Tundra Cryo-TEM is configured with the following:

  • Ceta Camera with dose fractionation
  • Semi-automated sample loading
  • Cryo-preparation station allowing contamination-free sample exchange
  • Smart EPU


Tundra Reservation Rules

  • Each certified user may have up to a maximum of 3 active reservations on the CoreResearch calendar.  Once one of these reservations has been completed, an additional reservation can be made.
  • The maximum time for a single reservation is 4 hours
  • More than one reservation can be made for a single day, but each reservation counts toward the maximum of 3 active reservations.
  • Reservations can be made up to 2 months in advance.