Micro-Strain Analyzer

Micro-Strain Analyzer
TA Instruments RSA III
Soft Materials Lab - B606
Primary Training Contact

The TA Instruments RSAIII is a versatile research grade dynamic mechanical analyzer for the analysis of solid materials.  It uses an advanced direct drive linear motor to apply the strain and a patented Force Rebalance Transducer (FRT) to measure the force.  The RSAIII is particularly well suited for compression testing of soft materials, such as gels and elastomers, and for low stiffness, high frequency measurements on films and fibers.  The environmental chamber allows tests to be conducted at room temperature up to 600C.

  • Mechanical analysis (dynamic and transient) of films, fibers and elastomers. 
  • Deformation modes include tension, compression and 3 point bending.
  • Tooling for tensile/compression testing of films and fibers
  • Tooling for compression testing of elastomers and gels
  • Tooling for 3 point bending testing of materials
  • Environmental chamber which allows testing at room temperature up to 600C
  • Max force: 35N
  • Min force: 0.001N
  • Force resolution: 0.0001N
  • Strain resolution: 1nm
  • Frequency range: 2x10-5 to 80Hz
  • Temp range: RT to 600C
  • Heating rate: 0.1 to 60C/min