FT-IR Spectrometer

FT-IR Spectrometer
Thermo Electron Nicolet 8700
Optical Spectroscopy
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The Nicolet 8700 is Thermo Electron's premier research FT-IR spectrometer.  It provides superior performance and advanced scanning capabilities, including step-scan spectroscopy. Step-scan spectroscopy eliminates Fourier modulation interference encountered in conventional, continuous-scan FT-IR. It also allows measurements to be made as an explicit function of time, phase, or space.

Measurements can be made in a  transmission configuration, or a "Smart Performer" accessory can be used for Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) measurements.

  • Optical spectrum measurements (transmission, absorbance) over a wavenumber range of 7800-350 cm-1
  • ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection) measurements of solids and liquids
  • Nicolet FT-IR "Smart System" which automatically links the set-up, testing, operation, software, and sampling accessories.
  • Smart Performer ATR module with Ge crystal
  • Tungsten-Halogen Near-IR/Visible source
  • Precision cast optics, including:
    • Gold vectra-Piezo Interferometer
    • XT-KBr beamsplitter
    • TE cooled DLaTGS detector with KBr window
  • Interfaces and adapters for adding optical components and detectors
  • "OMNIC" software for complete data collection and processing, including automated comparison of data with library spectra
  • Spectral Range: 7800-350cm-1
  • Wavenumber Precision: 0.01 cm-1
  • Optical Resolution: 0.125 cm-1
  • Peak-to-Peak Noise: <8.68 x10-5 absorbance units