Rudolph Auto EL III
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The Rudolph AutoEl III Ellipsometer offers fully automated, push buttom operation and substrate mapping capabilites.  It can measure thickness and index of refraction of single layer and double layer transparent films.  It can also measure the optical constants of bare substrates such as silicon, gallium arsenide, and gallium arsenide phosphide with direct readout of N and K.

  • Thickness and index of refraction of single layer and double layer transparent films
  • Optical constants of substrates such as Si and GaAs
  • Non-volatile memory to store frequently used programs and input data
  • Printed readout of film thickenss, index of refraction, full cycle thickness, delta and psi
  • Autocollimator/microscope for accurate sample alignment and viewing
  • One button operation for routine measurements
  • 6" sample stage with vertical and tilt adjustments and calibrated translation in plane of sample
  • Operating principle: Null seeking
  • Operating wavelength: 632.8nm
  • Resolution and Accuracy
    • Polarizer or Analyzer: 0.05 deg
    • Delta: 0.1 deg
    • Psi: 0.05 deg
    • Film thickness: 0.30-1nm
    • Index of refraction: 0.01
  • Angle of incidence: 70 deg and 90 deg (other angles possible with tool options)
  • Measuring time
    • Single film: 15 sec
    • Double film: 20 sec
  • Max sample size: 6" x 6"