Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS detector

FEI XL30 ESEM with Bruker XFlash 4010 EDS
Electron Microscopes
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The FEI XL30 ESEM offers true secondary electron imaging in three modes of operation:  1) wet mode, for hydrated samples, 2) variable pressure mode, for dry but non-conductive samples, and 3) high vacuum mode, for dry and conductive samples.  Minimal specimen preparation is required for the wet and variable pressure modes, ensuring that delicate samples can be viewed.  Backscatter electron imaging is also available.

The Bruker Quantax Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer (EDS) with a XFlash 4010 detector can be used to examine the surface elemental composition of samples.  The detector is Peltier cooled and can detect elements from Boron to Americium.

Microtest 200N Tensile Stage gives users the ability to obsereve the deformation of samples.  Tensile, compression and bending tests are available thru the software.  Different loads can be applied to the samples and the system is outfitted with the extended travel stage.

  • Hydrated or dry sample imaging
  • Motorized stage (X, Y, Z, and rotation, manual tilt)
  • Peltier cooling stage for wet mode
  • Dynamic control of sample hydration while viewing


  • 100 nm resolution (high vacuum)
  • Much lower resolution for wet or biological sample


  • 10mm2 active area
  • Stable from <1 through >100,000 cps
  • Peltier cooled (no LN2)
  • Detects elements B to Am
  • Max pulse load >1,000,000 cps