Bruker Dektak 150
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The Dektak150 is an advanced surface texture measuring system which accurately measures surface texture below submicro-inch and film thickness to 1000μm.  Measurements are made electromechanically by moving the sample beneath a diamond-tipped stylus according to a user-programmed scan length, speed and stylus force.  As the stylus moves across the sample, surface variations cause the it to be translated vertically.  This corresponds to an electrical signal that gives a feedback of the appropriate step height.

  • Surface texture measurements
  • Film thickness measurements up to 1000μm
  • Stress measurements
  • Computer interface (Windows XP environment)
  • Y automatic stage with 100mm travel (4 inches), 1μm repeatability, 0.5μm resolution
  • Stylus radius options from 50nm to 25μm
  • 640 x 480-pixel (1/3in.-format) camera with manual zoom, variable 0.67 to 4.29mm
    (644X to 100X with 17in. monitor)
  • Small scale 3-D sample mapping using Y-axis stage motor control
  • Scan Length: 55mm (2.16in.)
  • Data Points Per Scan: 60,000 maximum
  • Step Height Repeatability: 6Å, 1 sigma on 1μm step
  • Vertical Resolution: 1Å max. (at 6.55μm range)
  • Max. Sample Thickness: Up to 100mm (4in.)
  • Max. Sample Size: 150mm (6in.)