Scanning Probe Microscope

Digital Instruments Dimension 3100
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The scanning probe microscope (SPM) produces high resolution, three dimensional images by scanning a sharp tip over the sample surface. The name “scanning probe microscopy” (SPM) summarizes various measurement techniques such as atomic force microscopy (AFM), electric force microscopy (EFM). The Dimension 3100 brings together all of the major SPM techniques in a single platform that handles a wide range of sample types and sizes, up to eight inches in diameter, in air or fluids. The system's intuitive software, easy setup and alignment, and automated, intelligent sample approach streamline work and prevent damage to valuable samples.

  • Sample imaging in air
  • Contact mode AFM
  • Tapping mode AFM
  • <0.5 Å RMS in vertical (Z) dimension with acoustic/vibration isolation
  • Mounted on vibration isolation table
  • Dimension SPM head
  • 90 µm square X-Y imaging area
  • 6 µm Z range
  • Up to 150mm in diameter
  • Up to 12mm thick
  • 125 x 100 mm inspectable area
  • 2 µm resolution
  • On-axis, real-time via microscope optics